Ghost in the Machine

I’ll be participating in an upcoming event at Triple Canopy in November with Frank Pasquale and Alice Marwick:

Debates about automation among economists and technologists suffer a debilitating blind spot. As software eats the world, they ask, and human laborers are replaced by machines, will society move toward abundance and leisure, or hierarchy and control; toward extreme inequality, or egalitarian sharing? But this technologically deterministic way of framing the question assumes that humans have no say in what, why, or how we automate.

Ghost in the Machine looks at the human future of automation, in finance, health care, law enforcement, and more. What ethical and political concerns should automation take into account, and what institutions can help shape the path of technological innovation? Frank Pasquale, a professor of law and author of the forthcoming Black Box Society, will present from his forthcoming essay for Triple Canopy on the political economy of automation, with responses from scholars Karen Gregory andAlice Marwick, followed by a discussion moderated by Triple Canopy senior editor Sam Frank.

See here for event details:

– Karen


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